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Scentsy’s Special April Warmer

Scentsy’s Special April WarmerScentsy's Special April Warmer Scentsy’s Special April Warmer, Entwine!!!  Color and light spring to life! Glowing teal beams through etched white florals in a piece that beckons the sun year-round.  This gorgeous warmer is sure to bring around an early spring to any home! $40 but 10% off in April = $36!

Don’t miss your chance as these warmers last only as long as supplies do!Scentsy's Special April Warmer Scentsy's Special April Warmer

Scentsy’s April scent of the month is Ivy & Water Lily!  A delightfully spring mix of mandarin zest, rain-kissed jasmine, and sheer amber beneath fresh dew drops.  I cannot wait to sniff this incredible sounding scent!  10% off in April!

Bar $4.50

Scent Circle $2.60

Room Spray $7.20

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Scentsy Indigo Collection 2016

Scentsy Indigo Collection 2016

Scentsy Indigo Collection 2016


We are thrilled to introduce Indigo, a collection of brand-new fragrances inspired by the history, mystery and beauty of the color indigo.

Indigo fragrances will be sold as a set of six Scentsy Bars in a beautifully designed box with a scented postcard for an exciting multisensory experience.

Indigo goes on sale May 9 for $30 (USD)/$36 (CAD), and will only be available while supplies last. Indigo can be purchased using Host Rewards and Perpetual Party Rewards. Indigo fragrances will not be sold separately.


Indigo Cotton: Chambray on a clothesline:
Breezy, clean, serene.


Indigo Petals: A crown of flowers:
Fresh, vibrant, playful.


Indigo Spirit: Violet petals on whipped meringue:
Rich, creamy, indulgent.


Midnight Indigo: An expansive starry sky:
Sultry, intoxicating, mysterious


Indigo Ice: A wintry landscape:
Chilled, woodsy, invigorating.


Indigo Berries: Sun-ripened, sugared berries:
Sweet, tart, bright.

Enter the Indigo Giveaway

One hundred winners will receive a vintage-style Parlor Warmer and all six beautifully packaged Indigo fragrance Scentsy Bars.


New Scentsy Spring/Summer Catalog 2016

New Scentsy Spring/Summer Catalog 2016

New Scentsy Spring/Summer Catalog 2016

It’s here!  On March 1st we have a New Scentsy Spring/Summer Catalog 2016!!  I get so excited whenever a brand, spanking new Scentsy product is unveiled so I go super crazy when a whole catalog comes out!!!

New Scentsy Spring/Summer Catalog 2016

Take a look, pick out your favorites, start planning your party to get it free and then contact me so we can get it all set up!! What will you choose?  A new diffuser for you or the kids?New Scentsy Diffusers

A few new warmers to decorate your home?  New Scentsy Spring/ Summer Catalog 2016

Want to try out our amazing new Skin and Groom lines?New Scentsy Skin Collection Products


I can help you with all of it!  Click here to get started shopping or contact me below for any help you need 🙂  I’m a work at home mom so I am here all hours for you, my customer.  I’m so thankful for you, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do the job I do!  Thank you!!

Website and Internet contact us page concept with icon on five paper post it isolated on white background.
Website and Internet contact us page concept with icon on five paper post it isolated on white background.

ScenTrend 2015: Coconut Milk!

ScenTrend 2015This season is all about treating yourself — enjoying life’s simple pleasures every day, but also taking each chance to give your senses an exotic escape. Delightful and indulgent, Coconut Milk will wrap you in sunny, sophisticated warmth. It’s luxury in its purest form.

Click the link below to learn more about our amazing trend for 2015!

2014 ScenTrend of the Year Simply Nashi Pear

2014 ScenTrend of the Year Simply Nashi Pear

2014 ScenTrend of the Year Simply Nashi Pear

Do you have a passion for fragrance? ScenTrend helps you explore and expand that passion! We tested, analyzed, and collaborated with experts and international fragrance houses to identify the newest trend in home fragrance — Simply Nashi PearSimply Nashi Pear combines the sweetness of a pear with the mouthwatering crispness of an apple, creating a well-balanced note of juicy sweetness.

Scentsy Warmer StandJust what is a Nashi Pear? 

Also known as the Asian pear, this crisp, sweet, and delicious fruit is native to East Asia, and is also grown in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Similar in shape and size to an apple, nashi pears range in color from speckled green to sunny golden.

Why is it Trending Now?

Breathe deep and let your smile bloom. This coming year will have a renewed focus on seeing the bright side, embracing spontaneity, and finding  joy. Simply Nashi Pear’s brightness evokes the importance of celebrating life’s little moments.

How Can I Use Simply Nashi Pear?

If you already love Scentsy fragrances, you know that scent can bring back memories, enhance your mood, and enliven your world. Simply Nashi Pear’s juicy sweetness does all of these things.Try adding a cube or two to your favorite Scentsy fragrance and discover how Simply Nashi Pear transforms it. How is it changed? Is it sweeter, lighter, or brighter?
Scentsy Warmer Stand