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Scentsy’s Special April Warmer

Scentsy’s Special April WarmerScentsy's Special April Warmer Scentsy’s Special April Warmer, Entwine!!!  Color and light spring to life! Glowing teal beams through etched white florals in a piece that beckons the sun year-round.  This gorgeous warmer is sure to bring around an early spring to any home! $40 but 10% off in April = $36!

Don’t miss your chance as these warmers last only as long as supplies do!Scentsy's Special April Warmer Scentsy's Special April Warmer

Scentsy’s April scent of the month is Ivy & Water Lily!  A delightfully spring mix of mandarin zest, rain-kissed jasmine, and sheer amber beneath fresh dew drops.  I cannot wait to sniff this incredible sounding scent!  10% off in April!

Bar $4.50

Scent Circle $2.60

Room Spray $7.20

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Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog 2016 First Look

Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog 2016 First LookScentsy Fall/Winter Catalog 2016 First Look

Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog 2016 First Look

It’s almost here!!  The Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog 2016 First Look has now been released for viewing only!  If you would love me to mail you one, click the link HERE!!

There are so many brand spanking new things that you will go gaga over I am telling you!  Like a warmer where you can build your own terrarium in!  Or a three in one warmer where you can mix and match up scents!  Or brand new baby buddies for newborns with teething rings attached?  I know right?!?!

In this gorgeous catalog there are amazing things for everyone to get excited about.  Get the jump on your friends a book a party to get all the things FREE and Half Priced!  Contact me to get started NOW!!

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Scentsy Ice Cream Warmer July 2016

Scentsy Ice Cream Warmer July 2016

Scentsy Ice Cream Warmer July 2016

One of my FAVORITE things about summer is taking my littles on a walk to go get some sweet treats from the ice cream shop.  That is why I am sooooo excited about the Scentsy Ice Cream Warmer July 2016!  This gorgeous, hand painted element warmer is perfect for celebrating the hot days to come this year!  Looks good enough to eat right?


 Whether it’s a fun, retro accent or a sweet reminder of sunny days, this cute little cone will be the sprinkles on top of any space. Kids will love this Element Warmer, too!  $31.50 in July only!

STRAWBERRY SWIRL – Scent of the Month July 2016

Blissfully sweet and creamy, Strawberry Swirl whips together frozen strawberry, frothy milk and vanilla.

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Celebate your Graduate with Scentsy Gifts

Celebate your Graduate with Scentsy Gifts

Celebate your Graduate with Scentsy Gifts

It’s that time of year again!  Why not Celebate your Graduate with Scentsy Gifts?  We have so many gifts that will make any student feel so special!  From high school to college, they will appreciate you thought of them when you wrap up something special from Scentsy

Scentsy Laundry Line

Give a practical and fun gift when you give our Laundry Line to your graduate! With six scents to choose from they will love that you thought of them with  our Laundry Love package or any products from this amazing line.


Scentsy Collegiate

Another great idea is to give the gift of a Collegiate warmer from their school of choice or Alma Mater!  We have so many to choose from in helmet or nightlight size so there is something for every price point!  Check out our whole Collegiate Collection!

DIY Calaveras Scentsy skull warmer

We also have many other AMAZING warmers and diffusers to choose from, like this DIY Calavera warmer that would be a perfect present for the creative student in your life.

To see more gift ideas from Scentsy Fragrence; CLICK HERE!!!

Father’s Day Scentsy Gift Bundles 2016

Father’s Day Scentsy Gift Bundles 2016Father's Day Scentsy Gift Bundles 2016Scentsy isnt JUST for moms and we can prove it!  Look at these incredible Father’s Day Scentsy Gift Bundles 2016!  Show Dad how much you appreciate all the love, support, and hard work he gives your family with an adorable barbecue grill warmer or a Scentsy Groom kit.

Father's Day Scentsy Gift Bundles 2016

The FATHER’S DAY Warmer Bundle includes:
Backyard BBQ Warmer
• Three Scentsy Bars (one of each)
Bonfire Beach, Dark Harbor and Mystery Man. Father's Day Scentsy Gift Bundles 2016Try the Shampoo, Shave and Shower Bar; Cream Shave Soap; Refreshing Face Balm or Nourishing Skin Conditioner — all available in five exclusive fragrances. EFFORTLESS. CLEAN. COOL.

Dad’s the man. Remind him.

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Scentsy Indigo Collection 2016

Scentsy Indigo Collection 2016

Scentsy Indigo Collection 2016


We are thrilled to introduce Indigo, a collection of brand-new fragrances inspired by the history, mystery and beauty of the color indigo.

Indigo fragrances will be sold as a set of six Scentsy Bars in a beautifully designed box with a scented postcard for an exciting multisensory experience.

Indigo goes on sale May 9 for $30 (USD)/$36 (CAD), and will only be available while supplies last. Indigo can be purchased using Host Rewards and Perpetual Party Rewards. Indigo fragrances will not be sold separately.


Indigo Cotton: Chambray on a clothesline:
Breezy, clean, serene.


Indigo Petals: A crown of flowers:
Fresh, vibrant, playful.


Indigo Spirit: Violet petals on whipped meringue:
Rich, creamy, indulgent.


Midnight Indigo: An expansive starry sky:
Sultry, intoxicating, mysterious


Indigo Ice: A wintry landscape:
Chilled, woodsy, invigorating.


Indigo Berries: Sun-ripened, sugared berries:
Sweet, tart, bright.

Enter the Indigo Giveaway

One hundred winners will receive a vintage-style Parlor Warmer and all six beautifully packaged Indigo fragrance Scentsy Bars.


Mothers Day gifts 2016 with Scentsy

Mothers Day gifts 2016 with Scentsy

Mothers Day gifts 2016 with Scentsy

She taught you to walk and tie your shoes. She kissed your boo-boos and was there for every dance recital. Where would you be without your mom?

We want to help you celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day with beautiful and fragrantMothers Day gifts 2016 with Scentsy!!

Mothers Day gifts 2016 with Scentsy

The Mother’s Day Skin Gift Set includes one Moisturizing Body Bar, a Fine Fragrance Roller and a Velvet Hand Cream, all in our exclusive fragrance No. 9: Crushed Pineapple, Coconut Milk and Exotic Vanilla. This gift set is just $40 and comes packaged in a stunning box ready for gifting. What a deal! The three Skin products alone retail for $52!

Or, if Mom prefers to warm her favorite fragrance rather than wear it, get her a Mother’s Day Warmer Bundle. There are two bundles to choose from that each include one gorgeous Scentsy Warmer and three Scentsy Bars:

Mothers Day gifts 2016 with Scentsy

No matter which Warmer bundle you choose, it’s like getting three Scentsy Bars for FREE!

Our Mother’s Day gifts will be available starting Friday, April 1,  only while supplies last.
Remind Mom how special she is with a Scentsy Mother’s Day gift!

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