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Top Selling Scentsy Products Spring/Summer 2017

Top Selling Scentsy Products Spring/Summer 2017

Top Selling Scentsy Products Spring/Summer 2017

Here are the top-selling products Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog since March 1, 2017:

Top Selling Warmers (in order):

  • Southern Hospitality – Pineapples symbolize a welcome reception in the American South, making this fresh, modern piece a shoo-in for center stage. Southern Hospitality Warmer
  • Enjoy the Little Things – This bright, cheery Warmer will remind you to stop and smell the flowers every day. Enjoy the little things warmer
  • I Heart Dogs – Go all-out adorable! Show the world your canine friends are worth barking about with this sweet and whimsical Warmer.I Heart Dogs Warmer
  • Live Simply Mini Warmer – It’s a calming message to remember in our fast-paced world, here on a charming, pastoral warmer that speaks to the undeniable sweetness of simplicity.  Live Simply Mini Warmer
  • Love Swept – Aim right for the heart with Love Swept, a tender homage made all the more special by a subtle metallic finish. Love Swept Warmer
  • Daisy Lantern – When lit, Daisy Lantern casts gorgeous, bloom-shaped shadows on any surface, while the bronze-toned finish adds a warm elegance. Daisy Lantern Warmer
  • I Heart Cats – Go all-out adorable! Show the world your feline friends are just purr-fect with this sweet and whimsical Warmer.I heart Cats Warmer
  • Tweet Mini Warmer – Go au natural with this knotted, wood-like Warmer and its melody-making residents.Tweet Mini Warmer Scentsy
  • Colors of the Rainbow – Make the bright choice! Colors of the Rainbow was born to be noticed with an enchanting kaleidoscope-inspired design that dazzles when lit.  Colors of the Rainbow scentsy warmer


Top Selling Fragrances (in order):

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Combine and Save with Scentsy

Combine and Save with Scentsy

Combine and Save with Scentsy


I know the feeling.  You are looking through our Scentsy catalog and you just have to have ALL THE THINGS!  I’ve been there, I was once my sponsor’s best customer.  So if you want to get everything on your wishlist without paying the wishlist price, check out how you can combine and save with Scentsy!

Combine and Save with Scentsy

There are so many packages they don’t even show them all on this chart!  Besides the Perfect Scentsy system, some of my favorites are the Laundry Love package and the Scentsy Clean package.  I love making my house smell like Scentsy AND getting it cleaner than with my old household cleaning products.

If you’ve been wanting to stock up on Scentsy, there really is no better way to go than with one of our Combine and Save packages.  OR get your Scentsy FREE and 1/2 Priced by hosting a party!

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Scentsy Savings!

Scentsy Savings!

Looking for Scentsy on a budget?  Check out my Closeout section for clearance warmers, wax and other products!  Scentsy Closeout Deals!


Q: When will Scentsy Fragrance offer closeout products? A: Select discontinued Scentsy Fragrance products will be made available in the closeout section of the Personal Website (PWS) on March 1 and Sept. 1, after a seasonal catalog transition. Scentsy Fragrance bars, however, will be made available on April 1 and Oct. 1 or one month after a seasonal catalog transition. Scentsy may choose to offer additional products in closeout at later dates.

Q: How does Scentsy Fragrance select products to offer in closeout? A: Scentsy selects products for closeout that are no longer offered in the current catalog, not anticipated to be re-introduced in the future, and have sufficient inventory to warrant continued sales.

Q: How much will closeout products cost?

A: Scentsy closeout products are available at a 20 percent discount.

Q: Who may purchase closeout products?

A: Consultants may purchase closeout products through their Workstation, and customers may purchase them through their Consultant’s PWS.

Q: How long will the Scentsy Fragrance closeout products be available?

A: Discontinued products will be available while supplies last. They will be removed from the Workstation and PWS once the inventory is gone.

Q: Does the purchase of a closeout product count toward a party order and for free shipping?

A: Discontinued products can be added to any party order and will qualify toward the $150 (USD)/$200 (CAD) minimum to receive free shipping.

Q: Do the discontinued products qualify for Host Rewards?

A: Discontinued product purchases will qualify toward a “Host Base” but cannot be purchased with Host Rewards (Half-Priced Items, Host Credit, and Perpetual Party Rewards).

Q: Can the discontinued products be added to a multipack?

A: No, discontinued products cannot be added to a multipack.

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