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Evolve Scentsy Diffuser

Evolve Scentsy Diffuser

Evolve Scentsy Diffuser

I am so excited to announce that as of today I am the proud owner of a Evolve Scentsy Warmer!

I went to Scentsy Family Reunion this past July and was not quite sure about the new diffuser that Heidi and Orville were showing us.  I’d never really used essential oils before.  All I knew right off the bat that they were gorgeous and I was very willing to give them a shot!Scentsy Diffuser

So I was anxiously awaiting my kit delivery, biting my fingernails to the quick, when it finally arrived.  They sent the Inspire Diffuser and my husband Michael and I IMMEDIATELY plugged it in and played with it.  Within hours we were in love with the fresh Eucalyptus essential oils and started planning which scents we wanted next!!

Scentsy Diffuser

We also though, knew that as much as we loved the Inspire Diffuser, Evolve was much more our personal style.   So I had my own Open House party and from the host rewards, I’m getting my Evolve Diffuser 1/2 priced!!!

Want the same deal? Contact me and I’ll help you achieve that goal!

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