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Want to get Scentsy for FREE?? Host a Party!!

The last party I was at I added up the total sales and it came to $494.  I wrote down the rewards on a piece of paper and it to the hostess.  She immediately exclaimed, “Wow, it is so worth having a party!”  She earned $74.10 in FREE Scentsy product and 3 half-priced items!  In the end she ended up with all of the following for only $33!!!!

  • Jane Premium Full-Size Warmer
  • Daphne Mid-Size Warmer
  • Damsel Plug-In Warmer
  • 9 Scentsy Bars
  • Shower Cream
  • Washer Whiffs

What a great deal and she hardly did any work!  If you are interested receiving so much Scentsy for such little cost by hosting a party contact me or check out my website.


There are 3 different parties that you can have!

  1. Scentsy Home Party – This is the typical home party where you invite all your friends/co-workers/family over and I share with them all 80 Scentsy scents and Warmers.  If you are interested I can also give you my basket (see below) the week before your party for you to collect outside orders from people who cannot attend.  The Home Party is typically the best way to get the most rewards!
  2. Scentsy Basket Party – I stick a Plug-In Warmer, Catalogs, Order Forms and a set of Mini-Testers for everyone to smell in a bag the size of a grocery bag!  You take the bag for a week or two, collect orders and then when I get it back we’ll calculate your rewards!  It’s that simple!!
  3. Scentsy Catalog Party – If you don’t want to lug around a bag full of mini-testers you can just take a couple catalogs and collect orders!  Earning FREE Scentsy does not need to be difficult!!

Why not give it a try!!!

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