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Join Scentsy in August and Get More in Your Starter Kit!

Transition Month is the Time to Start Your Scentsy Business!

Two years ago today I took advantage of Transition Month and joined Scentsy!  It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life – it has allowed me to become the Stay-At-Home-Mom I always dreamed of being and has helped me grow as a person in more ways than one.  Joining in August is such a great time because not only do you get the Starter Kit you also receive a transition kit!  So you can sell away in August from the Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog but also have everything you need to sell the new Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog starting September 1st!  You will receive 26 New and Returning Scents, 5 Holiday Scents and 25 Fall/Winter 2012 Catalogs in addition to everything that comes in our current Starter Kit!

Even with all the extras in this Starter Kit it is still only $99 ($119 in Canada) to Join my Scentsy Team

Do you not have the $99 to join today?  Then I have to ask – what are you doing to change that?  You need to be proactive and make a change for yourself.  If you put in a some effort I can guarantee you will make back your initial $99 investment within your first party!  Still can’t figure out how to come up with that $99?  Contact me and we will figure it out!  I will work with you to help you get off to an amazing start!  Your success is my priority!  Also by Joining in August you are giving yourself lots of time to earn one of the six amazingincentive trips Scentsy is offering this year!  Learn more about the trips below!

Contact me with any other questions or visit my join page to learn more about this amazing opportunity!


  1. Ney Ney

    I have heard about scentsy all over Twitter but have not bhuogt any, I’d love to try it! Silver bells is my favorite Christmas song, so it seems perfect for me! I just followed you on Google Friend connect. 🙂

    • kidsafecandles kidsafecandles

      Silver Bells is a very popoular scent! You definitely need to give it a try!

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