Scentsy Monthly Warmer. Monthly Scentsy Specials.

Scentsy Monthly Warmer. Monthly Scentsy Specials.

 Bookmark this page stay up to date on the latest Scentsy Monthly Warmer. Every Month Scentsy introduces a new Monthly Warmer.  This Candle Warmer is themed for the current Month.

Wellies Scentsy Warmer


Scentsy Wellies Warmer

Wellies Warmer

A perfect pair for puddle jumping! Relive those carefree childhood days spent splashing through the rain with Wellies, a warmer just begging to ring in spring.

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February Scent of the Month –
Pear Blossom & Cucumber


Scentsy Pear Blosson & Cucumber

Pear Blossom & Cucumber

It’s the blooming beauty of spring! A resplendent garden flourishing with delicate pear blossom, rain-kissed jasmine, honeydew and Meyer lemon smoothed by a splash of cucumber water.

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  1. I love the duck!! I think he would be a good addition to the other ones I have! The Scentsy Buddys are all so cute and fun to have around – They are great for my Grandkids to play with also!

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