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Need a New Light Bulb for Your Scentsy Warmer?

Has the light bulb burned out on your Scentsy Warmer  The Full-Size Warmers take a 25-Watt Light Bulb, the Mid-Size Warmers take a 20-Watt Light Bulb and the Plug-In Warmers take a 15-Watt Light Bulb.  Each Light Bulb costs only $2.00 and they last forever!!  If you are located near Marshfield, Wisconsin I have a bunch of light bulbs in stock so I can get them to you right away!  If you are not in Marshfield, just go to my website and place an order!

Are you wondering if you can get a Light Bulb for your Scentsy Warmer at a Local Store?

I’ve never actually gone and looked for them but from what I’ve heard is that they are hard to find.  When you do find a 15, 20 or 25 watt light bulb then there’s the problem of whether or not they will fit correctly in the warmer.  Some are too wide or too tall and then it may not melt the wax correctly.  Scentsy has specially designed their light bulbs to work perfectly with your warmer.  To get a new light bulb and shop for all your other Scentsy needs, visit me  at 

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