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Scentsy Customer Loyalty ProgramHave you found yourself going to change your Scentsy wax or need another bottle of Shower Gel and then be disappointed when you realize you’re all out?  Then the New Scentsy Customer Loyalty Program is for you!!  The Loyalty Program allows you to easily set up a subscription on my website for your favorite consumable product!  And the best part – YOU earn points for subscription purchases!

Beginning September 1st, 2013 you can chose any consumable products, such as Scentsy Bars, Scent Circles, Scentsy Room Sprays, Scent Paks, Travel Tins, Light Bulbs, and all Scentsy Layers products, and have them shipped directly to you!  You pick how often you want them delivered, have it be every 2 months or every 6 months.  You can also go in and change the contents every month too!  You may change the address to which product will be shipped, change order contents, change payment method, change the day of the month you want product shipped, choose to skip a shipment, or cancel your subscription.  This must be done 10 days before the day your subscription is meant to be shipped.

You’ll also earn customer rewards points on your subscription purchases — for every 150 points earned, you will receive a credit for one half-price item.  $1 = 1 Point and orders of $50 or more will earn an additional 10 customer reward points! Your half-price item credits may be redeemed on consumable products within the same subscription brand, on a customer’s subscription page on a Consultant’s PWS.

I’m very excited about the  New Scentsy Customer Loyalty Program because it will make Scentsy so much easier to always have on hand!  Contact Me Today for more details or SIGN UP TODAY!

Scentsy Lampshade Collection

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