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Scentsy Fox Buddy

Scentsy Fox Buddy

Scentsy Fox Buddy

Introducing Fallon the Scentsy Fox Buddy!  This adorably bespectacled stuffy is the perfect back to school pal for your little buddy!

Name: Fallon

Species: Fox

Favorite hangout: In underground dens, at the library

Favorite activities: Hunting at night

Favorite book: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Favorite movie: The Fox and the Hound

Favorite song: The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

Favorite sports team: Leicester City Football Club, because their mascot is a fox!

Food I crave: Knowledge — aka brain food!

Fun fact: Foxes belong to the dog family, but our eyes are similar to cats and help us see well at night!

Ambition: To work on my social skills. Foxes usually live in small groups or alone. Will you be my friend?

Scentsy Fox Buddy

Fallon the Fox is now available from Scentsy for $30!  Order Now!

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