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Scentsy Makes a Great Part-Time Job for College Students!

I went to UW- Stevens Point for college.  I remember how hard it was to hold down a part-time job and keep up with studying but I needed the money.  I wish I would have known about Scentsy then!

How perfect it would have been to able to plan my own schedule!  If I knew there was a big week of tests coming up I would not work at all and work more on slower weeks.  Direct sales really is the PERFECT job for a college student.  Extremely flexible, get warmers for your dorm room at a discounted price, make good, easy money (Scentsy sells itself!) and chances to earn amazing trips!

You wouldn’t even need to do home parties, just all basket parties which are so easy!  My last basket party had $359 in sales so I made $89.75!  All I had to do was hand the hostess the basket, pick it back up from her, enter the orders and pull the orders together!  In all it probably took me 2-3 hours which puts me at $30-$45 per hour!!!  That’s a lot better than the $7.50/hour job that I had in college!  There are extremely minimal requirements to keep your status at a consultant too – only $150 every three months!!  Think about it…why not give it a shot??

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