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Scentsy Robots

Scentsy Robots

I have two very creative boys at home and more Scentsy boxes than I can count!  As any Mom can probably attest to, most of the time the box can be more interesting than toys!  We are constantly reusing my Scentsy boxes to build with – forts, tunnels, and more.  On this particular occasion, they decided to become Scentsy Robots!!!  Watch below:

Now you can’t bring MY Scentsy Robots home with you, but fortunately for you, Scentsy has a Robot you CAN take home for your very own!!   Gage the Robot Scentsy Buddy is available for a limited time!  Once he sells out he will be gone for good, so don’t miss out on your chance to bring this adorable little guy home to your littles!

Scentsy Robots

To get your hands on this super robot buddy, contact me now!!

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