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Scentsy September Warmer is Jack

Scentsy September Warmer is Jack!

Scentsy September Warmer is Jack

Start your fall decor off right in 2017! Scentsy September Warmer is Jack!  This spooky little guy is more adorable than scary and will perfectly round out your haunting celebrations.

With his menacing grin and fierce GLOW, Jack will settle for nothing less than center stage in your Halloween production.  10% off in September only!


Mandarin Toffee Treat – Sugared mandarin and sugarcane drizzled with creamy toffee butter.  Now if that doesn’t smell heavenly for autumn, I dont know what will!  I can tell this will be a fan favorite for sure!

Get on my pre-order list now and don’t miss your chance to bring Jack home!

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