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A Candle Business with Minimal Risk!

Have you ever thought about starting your own candle business but were afraid of the risk?  Scentsy Fragrance is a candle business with minimal risk!  $99 to be exact!  Scentsy Fragrance is candle warmers with no fire risk.  All you do is put a cube of wax from a Scentsy Bar into the dish on your Scentsy Warmer and then enjoy the aroma!

Candles are in almost every home.  They are purchased as gifts and also to decorate your own home and office.  I’ve ran into many women though who say “I love candles but my husband does not let me have them in the house anymore because of the fire risk.”  That’s where Scensty Fragrance comes in.  There is no open flame therefore no fire risk.  Who wouldn’t love a safe candle?

When customers are looking for a new candle they are looking for quality and performance.  Scentsy Fragrance has high quality warmers and high performance wax.  Extra time and care is required to create Scentsy’s Premium Full-Size Warmers. Hand painting, multiple glazes, decorative ornaments, and distinctive shapes combine to create one-of-a-kind, intricate works of art.  And one Scentsy Bar lasts for 60-80 hours!

Scentsy Fragrance is a great way to start your own candle business!  By joining my team, you are cutting out the hard behind the scene work for starting your own candle business.  Scentsy Fragrance does all that for you!  Join my team and start changing your life and making your dreams come true today!!


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