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Supersized Scentsy Join Kit February 2017

Supersized Scentsy Join Kit February 2017

Supersized Scentsy Join Kit February 2017

If you have ever considered joining Scentsy, now is the BEST time to do it.  4 years ago I made a decision to spend money I didn’t have to start a business that now allows me to stay home and work with my children right next to me.  I signed up in December, paid $99 and got our usual start up kit and made $400 in profit on my first paycheck!!!  But get the Supersized Scentsy Join Kit February 2017 and the you could make even more than I did!!

You get DOUBLE the catalogs and testers because you have the current Fall/Winter kit, PLUS you get the catalogs and testers for the upcoming Spring/Summer season starting March 1st all for the same price of $99!!  This amazing kit will really help you to kick off your business with a bang!

Plus on top of all this amazingness, you get ME as your sponsor!  As a work at home mom, I am at your disposal day and night to help you start your business and walk right along with you to success!  Scentsy has world-class free training and incredible in person events for education like World Tour and Scentsy Family Reunion.  There really is no better company to start a business with, they care so much about us as consultants and want us to reach for our biggest dreams!

To hear more or join my team click here now!!

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