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Thank you Scentsy customer!!


I hope you all know how much I and my family appreciate your business and choosing me as your Scentsy consultant. This little “hobby job” allows me to stay home with my kids, provide for my family, and helps me live my best life ever. Thank you Scentsy customer!! I borrowed the following words from another consultant because they are incredibly true and speak from my heart as well!!

Keep in mind this holiday season (actually, anytime). YOU, the customer, are our everything. Spending $100 at any retail or department store during the holidays (again, anytime) won’t make a difference to anyone; but spending $100 through a home business owner for Christmas (or anytime) means our business can continue; it gives us our pay, provides for our families, helps us meet our personal goals, and helps us continue to do what we love without using harsh sales techniques.

The “big stores” will not care about you the way we will because unfortunately, you don’t mean that much to them (although you should, whether you spend $1 or $1000, every bit helps keep a business active/open). YOU do mean the world to us – shop a home/direct sales business for Christmas this year!

I am a Scentsy Independent Consultant, and my business helps me pay for things we would not have/be able to do without that income. I appreciate every client, without them I would not have what they help me to provide.

Thank You again for choosing me as your Scentsy Consultant!! You ALL make my job the best!!!

Thank you Scentsy customer!!

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