The Best Way to Change Wax out of Your Scentsy Warmer!

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There are a few ways that I change the wax out of my Scentsy Warmers so I wanted to share some of the tips I’ve discovered.

Full-Size and Mid-Size Warmers

Scentsy Mini-Spatula

To change my Full-Size and Mid-Size Warmers I simply take the dish off the warmer and pour it straight into the garbage can.  Then I use a paper towel to wipe the dish clean!  So simple!

Some people prefer to pour the wax back into the original container it came in, either way is fine.  This is also recommended when you want to change your wax before all the scent is gone.  Then you can reuse it later!

I use the Scentsy mini-spatula to help clean my dish out, contact me today to find out how you can get one for FREE!

Plug-In Warmers

Grab Tab

Plug-In Warmers can be a little more diffcult to switch out the wax.  I’m sure we’ve all tried to pull the warmer out of the wall with the wax still melted and then it all goes everywhere!  (To see how to clean up spilt wax see my earlier post HEREScentsy Wickless Candles has recently come out with a new product to help remove the wax.  Grab Tabs make changing the wax easy!  All you need to do is when it’s time to change the wax, insert the grab-tab into the melted wax.  Then turn your warmer off and wait until it hardens.  Then pull on the tabs and out pops the wax!  GET YOURS NOW!

I’ve also just used a paper towel to clean out the Plug-In Warmer.  I put the paper towel into the wax and let it absorb it all then wipe it clean with another one.  Very simple!

Do you have any other tips or suggestions?  I would love to hear how you change out your wax!!

Keri Pankratz

Independent Scentsy Consultant

Marshfield, WI USA


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