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Why Store Bought Wax Doesn’t Work in a Scentsy Warmer

You attended a Scentsy Party and got yourself a Scentsy Warmer and some Scentsy Bars.  But then you run out and see all the different types of wax at box stores and think you’ll take the easier way and buy the wax from them instead of having to deal with placing an order and having it delivered.   I get it, I really do.  There are many different places that sell products similar to Scentsy, but it’s not all the same.

Scentsy warmers are specially designed to melt the wax at a lower temperature than the other warmers available in stores.  What this means is that if you put store bought wax in a Scentsy Warmer, the wax will not melt as well because the warmer will not be hot enough for that wax.  And if you put Scentsy Wax in a store bought warmer, the scent will not last as long because the wax is being warmed at a much higher temperature than it was made for.

To have the best experience, it is very important to use the Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Wax together.  The wax may be cheaper in the stores but it doesn’t last as long so does it really save you money?  You just need to buy more of it!  I understand how it’s easier to buy straight from a store which is why I always offer FREE SHIPPING on qualifying orders.

Contact me (info below) to find out if your order qualifies and to directly to place your order!  I will even deliver it for free if you live in the Central WI area.  I’ve had customers come back to me after trying Yankees Tarts, Walmart Wax and others because they were not happy with the results and found how much better the Scentsy Candle System is!   Don’t believe me?  Try it yourself and tell me what you think!!  I would love to hear some feedback on this topic!!!

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